What is Rosie About?

For the past sixteen years, the name Rosie Robotics has become common name in Agawam, from private homes to local businesses somebody has something good to say about this organization. But Rosie would not be where they are today without the motivation and the inspiration that has been growing stronger each year as we become wiser and learn from the previous years. The mentors and the students are what brings this team together and keeps it growing. They have made many successes and have made many milestones too.

In the last sixteen years, Rosie has won the Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers Entrepreneurship Award eight times, the Rookie Top Speed Award 2002, the Rookie All-Star Award 2002, the Spirit Award 2003, Road Iron InvenTeam Grant 2004, the Regional Chairman’s Award 2008 and 2012, the 12th Annual Bash at the Beach: Most, the Photogenic Award 2010, and the 12th Annual Bash at the Beach: Champions Award 2010. Also winning our first district event in 2016. But with these wins we have also won something much more substantial, we have won the knowledge that comes from what you’ve done right and what you can do to make it even greater.

This team is not just a team but a family that stands together, through the good, the bad, the hardships, the wins, the losses, and their own differences to make them stronger as a team and united as a people. Rosie is a place where people from all different backgrounds can gather for their common love for science, math, and technology. As a team they learn from each regardless of gender, age or seniority. We strive to build a better future for the team and for the community. Rosie reaches out to inspire every one of the benefits of being on a FIRST robotics team.

FIRST Team 839, Rosie Robotics is just that a FIRST team, formed from the dream of having kids involved in something this country needs for the future, science and technology. We are building the future scientist, engineers, and doctors. We are building the future generation of intellectuals who will over come the problems today’s society faces every day such as pollution, war, terrorism, global disasters, disease, the economy, and the hope of world wide peace. These young men and women are the future faces of America, these are the young men and women that will solve these issues and bring long term peace and prosperity to the world.

But this team’s main goal and main focus is to get the kids of this town and other towns involved in something life changing. This team spreads the word of FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. Also it teaches gracious professionalism to all people no matter their background, their past, their up bringing, their race, their nationality, their gender or their age. FIRST is about showing the world about what we can do in these fields and how we work as a people to get our goals accomplished. We don’t just build robots, we build better people. Through what we do as a FIRST team, we are able to spread the love we have to other people to get them enthused about math, science and technology.

FIRST Team 839, Rosie Robotics is sixteen years strong and ever growing. But we look to the past to help move to our future. We inspire many and motivate all. Rosie builds minds and builds the person as a whole. Rosie Robotics, sixteen years of inspiring our future.