2016 FRC Game

Hey Guys,

For anyone who hasn’t seen the 2016 FRC Game Teaser check it out!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVLdJdoKK2E

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Rosie’s 2015 robot; Rosie 14.0 was completed and bagged on February 17th, 2015! This year’s robot has another name, and that name is O.S.C.A.R.! We are very excited for our first competition on March 6th – 7th at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA! This event, along with all the FIRST events, is open to the public! Come on down and check out all the fantastic robots!

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Rosies World Famous Ziti dinner!

FIRST Team 839 Rosie Robotics will be hosting another one of our World Famous Ziti Dinners on January 30, 2015. It will be held at the Agawam Congregational Church, 745 Main Street, Agawam. Dinner will be served from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door or from any Rosie student. They are available at $8 per person, children 6-12 are $5, and under 5 are free. We will be holding a 50/50 raffle and a Chinese raffle. All money raised will help Rosie travel to our competitions. Hope to see you there!

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IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3419The teams working hard during build season! Two weeks down and only four more to go!!

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imagesDIFHCOZ8BUILD SEASON IS HERE! Are you excited? I know Rosie is! This years game is called “Recycle Rush”! This game is all based on recycling. taking tots and stacking them. Then adding a recycle bin on top of that! finally adding a pool noodle or what is called “littler” on top or in the recycle bin.

Rosie’s going to have a fun time building this years robot! The six weeks starts………….. NOW!

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Rosie update 31 Oct 2014

Happy Halloween…come over to my house, please! Lynne went out and bought a bunch of candy and we’ve had only a dozen kids…I can’t eat this much….

I have been accused of typing too much so I’ll just give you the facts, short and sweet.

Parents—Rosie has had a rather large influx of new students. (That’s a good thing.) We, the Mentors, also have not met many of the new parents. I am calling a Parents meeting for Wed, 5 Nov at AHS. This is a regular meeting night, so when you drop off your son or daughter, come in. We need to bring you up to speed what FIRST is all about and get your involvement, is whatever small or large way. I won’t keep you more than an hour, you can stay all night if you want. Rosie meetings are always open to parents and your participation is most welcome!

Ziti dinner—7 Nov, serving 4:30-7:30 Agawam Congregational Church, all Agawam Robotics teams are invited to participate, if you don’t have tickets, let me know and we’ll get some to you. I have heard rumors a lot of the FLL and JrFLL teams are putting together baskets for the Chinese Auction and a bake sale. Great idea!! Oh, and Bon Ton coupons are available for sale.

A 2nd order for Agawam socks has been placed. All adult sizes this time. The 1st order sold out in like a week. Orders are being taken, email Wincy (wincychan@comcast.net) for more information.

We also have Lyman Orchard pies for ordering. Lynne tells me they will be in 17 Dec and the deadline for ordering is 17 Nov. You HAVE TO pick them up at my house ON 17 Dec. I do not have freezer space to store them for you. If you have not picked them up, they will be on the front porch, regardless of outside air temp.

Did you know Rosie has a Facebook page? And a secret FB group? No one can see it except members If you want in, friend me and let me know who you are, please.

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On saturday October 4th, Rosie attended the Tech Valley Robot Rumble at Ballston Spa high school in Ballston Spa New  York. Thirteen teams attended Robot Rumble on saturday. Rosie ended being in 6th place. We were picked by the 4th seed alliance with 145 and 190. Made it threw the semi- finals in the finals we won our first match and lost our second match. This means a third match  for our alliance. After our third match, we waited for the resalts and we were happy to find out that we had won the event! Rosie has not won an event in a long time! This was a great feeling for every one on Rosie! For the award, we won the Spirit award, and the winner award. Everyone at the competition got the partisipation award. This was a very good event for rosie! We cant wait for our next one on October 25th!

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Agawam Robotics is GROWING!

Last year, Agawam Robotics Sponsored 1 FRC team, 1 FTC team, 5 FLL teams and 8 JrFLL teams. Now for the 2014-15 season, we will have 1 FRC, 2 FTC, 8 FLL and 10 JrFLL teams and the registrations are still coming in!

This is a good thing, but it does come with a down side. Over the next mounth Wincy and Dana will be pulling all you parents to step up and be a coach, be a mentor. It won’t happen without you.  We will be holding training sessions in August.

Also the 14th Annual Tournament of Rosie will beheld late August/ easy Sept. Watch for the date and get your foursome together.

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Relay for Life

Tonight we join in the fight against cancer. Mr Burns, Rosie’s co founder, passed 6 years and 2 days ago and it’s about time we honor his memory by participating in the Relay at Agawam HS.

Visit our Agawam Robotics team page…http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=59385&pg=team&team_id=1637426

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Rosie update 3 Feb

Greetings all,

15 days, 5 hrs, 25 mins until Stop Work. Where does the time go?

We are quickly approaching that point in time where panic modes sets in. We are NOT there yet, but, we all need to pay attention to detail. Over the weekend we found a couple of, as we call them at work, “opportunities,” items that didn’t quite go right that will enable you to showcase your problem solving skills and engineering abilities to recover and gain back the time and effort that was lost. Rosie needs to go on a diet and and a missed dimension caused a component to be cnc machined undersized and needs to be made again. We will recover, but time is not our friend right now!!

So, that being said, it’s all hands on deck. If you are on manufacturing, design, and robot assembly, now is the time to rise to the occasion and show us what you got! Software—-be ready! Electrical–we’re coming!

Fundraising—you all know the score. We are taking orders on Butterbraids, those awesome, scrumptious breakfast pastries that melt in your mouth! (And return a nice percentage profit if we hit 200 breads sold) If you haven’t gotten your order sheet, see Lynne. Also, Bon Ton coupon books are here, $5 per book, we keep the money, customer gets discounts on Bon Ton merchandise. Win win!

While we are talking about fundraising, is there any school related, band related or any other related function scheduled for 14 June? We need to pull in the Tournament of Rosie date 1 week due to person conflicts for several mentors.

STIMS- Student Team Information Management System. The following students need to start and/or complete their STIMS registration. Now. Please. Josh , Quincy , Marino , Jeremy , (has anyone talked to Jeremy?), Ben , Alex , Alex , Evan , Joe , Ian , Alexander . Go to https://my.usfirst.org/stims/site.lasso and follow the instructions.

Mentors—same thing. Please update your TIMS account to receive your proper recognition from FIRST and signoff on the Consent and Release form. It just makes life easier all around. Thanks.

Just in case of snow cancellations, please keep an eye on your email, the FB page and Twitter feed. We will try to keep moving, but no guarantees. Mother nature does not like FIRST sometimes.

And one more thing….CONGRATULATIONS to the MIGHTY MECHANICS FTC839 for making it to States! WOO HOO! For anyone wishing to go, its will be 8 March in Bridgewater, MA. GO MMs!!!!

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